If you’ve seen evidence of unwanted pests in your home or business, there’s no time to delay. You need help protecting your home against unwanted guests. Let Allied Pest Control come out to your home and perform a FREE evaluation. Then, we’ll come up with the best plan to take care of your pests. Some of the pests that we specialize in are:


There are three main types of ants that can cause trouble in your home or business. We can help create a barrier at every point of entry, so you never have to deal with them again.

Carpenter Ants These ants will occupy wet or damaged wood and can be quite destrcutive to your home or office if ignored.

  • Black 1/4 to 3/4 inch length
  • Infest trees & homes ( They will seek for wet or damaged wood )
  • Lives in wood but does not eat wood

Pharaoh Ants These ants can be difficult to control. We recommend monthly pest control for the best results. To know if you’re dealing with them:

  • Reddish brown 1/15th to 1/2 inch length
  • Infests all types of structures
  • Winter forages inside. Summer forages outside

Odorous House Ants These ants can also be quite difficult to control. You’ll recognize these ants by their appearance and placement:

  • Brownish black 1/2 to 1/8 inch long
  • Nests are shallow & found under boards & stone
  • Found indoors in the spring and fal. Prefers sweet foods


Paper Wasps Paper wasps show up seasonally, which is why we recommend scheduling a service throughout the spring and summer. You’ll notice these wasps:

  • Paper combs located behind shutters. More commonly found under eaves. Cells opened downward and not covered
  • Produces 100 to 200 workers

Solitary Wasps Just like paper wasps, solitary wasps are also mostly found in the spring and summer. You’ll recognize them thanks to their

  • Black color
  • Found on the edges of mud puddles
  • Builds mud nest on side of homes and in attics

Carpenter Bees Commonly confused with the bumblebee, this bee can be very destructive

  • 1 1/2 ” in length
  • Furry looking black & white
  • Nest in damaged or moist wood ( under wood decks and porches )


Not only are termites difficult to remove, but they can cause a lot of damage to your home. Subterranean Termites require annual evaluations.

  • Characteristics: dirt tubes emerging from cracks in foundation, floors, or walls
  • Damage to floor joist and support beams
  • Food: wood

Our termite evaluations can be scheduled same day and include a report (if needed). We offer up to a 10 year warranty and a FREE treatment if another infestation is found within the warranty period. Call today for a FREE quote.


Rats and mice have no place in your home or business. House Mouse To keep mice out, we recommend our monthly rodent control. Mice can reproduce quickly, with 4-7 young per litter and up to 35 baby mice per year.

  • Dark gray, long tail, 1/2 to 1 ounce
  • Droppings: rice size & black

Norway Rat Just like mice, rats can be tricky to keep out without monthly rodent control services. Rats reproduce rapidly with 8-12 babies per litter and 4-7 litters per year. Get rid of them before you’re overrun.

  • 15-18 inches (nose to tail end)
  • Brown, scattered black, yellow, white shaggy
  • Droppings: 3/4 to 1 inch raisin shaped
  • Lives usually in burrows

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